Much More Than software, Marketing Automation and social selling tools. Real sales and marketing results for your business.

Virtual Sales Team

Virtual On-Demand cloud-based outbound sales campaigns let you deploy experience, services - oriented customer services upgrade specialist to generate sales for your business.

Direct Sales Team

Outsourcing direct sales street team campaigns by locatiion lets you deploy virtual cloud-based trained independent sales agents, enabling you to sell your service faster while controlling cost.

Social Selling Team

Sales professionals across industries will tell you about the tremendous business value of their personal network.


Inbound Cloud-Based sales campaigns as a sevices will help you accelerate sales and improve your customer sevices experiance at scale.


Most salespeople would agree that appointment setting is both a proven and necessary method to generate sales.

Lead Generation

Sales lead generation is the lifeblood of most businesses. Ask any salesperson if they could use more qualified leads.

Web App Development

Are you a brick and mortar business in need of an e-commerce website to expand your market.

Mobile App Development

The world is virtually living on mobile devices today. Every successful website or application.

Productivity with SalesBattalion

What’s the sense in paying for expenses CRM Applications over priced sales people when you can order, command and deploy a training On-Demand sales and marketing battalion to increase while delivering optome ROI for your business.

How Sales Battalion App Works

Step 1 : Order Battalion

Order your battalion by selecting the registration button and create an account profile on our platform. The choose your targeted sales and marketing results or goals for each quarter. For example, are you looking to generate more leads, Schedule more appointments or close more deals faster?

Step 2 : Command Battalion

Command your battalion by providing a clear sales and marketing mission for your battalion to achieve by determining your markets, times line and whats needed to achieve your goals

Step 3 : Deploy Battalion

Deploy your sales and marketing battalion by launching your sales and marketing campaing to accelerate lead generation, improve the health of your database, and execute Account-Based Marketing at scale. Get weekly updates on your progress of your campaigns with on-demand reporting.

What SalesBattalion App Marketplace

We champion your sales and marketing success, enabling you to leverage the cloud, mobile communication devices, sales and marketing automation CRM applications and data analytics to reach more people, generate more leads and sell your product and services faster, while spending less time and money doing.

What Our Client Says

Jimm re

I must say that even paying thousands per month for sales training may seem steep for my small sewing machine and vacuum stores, but just using the follow-up methods that I have been studying

Lily Kayra

We competed against all the Seeff branches in 6 countries to win this award and we’ve won the SeeffGroup overall best License award. Although the other offices are bigger than us, we won this award purely on production, expansion and market share. We are the branch with the highest market share which is 43%

Jony Deep

I just completed my first chapter of training and all I can say is….Thank you. These videos can be so powerful to both young new salespeople and seasoned veterans. It brings to light how fun and rewarding a career in sales….on commission… can be if you are willing to commit to learning the great art of selling! LOVE IT