On- Demand Sales Team


The Internet and mobile communication devices have changed the sales and marketing game and have ushered in a new paradigm for selling and marketing as it relates to generating qualified leads, scheduling the effective appointment, and acquiring new customers faster.

OJG offers an on-demand outsourced sales and marketing outsourcing solution that will take your marketing and sales department from the cost center to revenue drive. Our Customer Service Upgrade Selling System features, Certified CRM and sales automation platform, empowering internal and outsourced sales teams with qualified leads and appointments, actives tracking and on-demand reporting.OJG helps marketing and sales teams align their efforts and optimize ROI for real results—fast.

Independent Sales Agent Recruitment & Training

We a sales and marketing outsourcing firm, created to leverage the tools of the new paradigm of selling to help companies achieve their sales and marketing goals. We offer a cost effective virtual network of trained ON-DEMAND sales and marketing professional as a server; by powered CRM applications and driven by sales and marketing automation tools.