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What’s the sense in paying for expensive CRM’s Applications and Social Marketing Software with having a training On-Demand workforce Trained to produce the ROI That Every Business Seeks

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Create an account on our platform and define your sales and marketing goals for each quarter. Are you looking to generate more leads, schedule more appointments or Close more deals faster?

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Builid your profiles, set a sales and marketing mission, set your monthly and annual sales and marketing goals. Activate your account and watch the leads, appointment and sales role in.

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Use the SalesBattalion platform to engage to access more appointments, generate more leads and monitor your sales cchat, share files, and collaborate from your desktop.

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Effective Sales and Marketing is the life blood for any business.

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Order, Command and Deploy a Sales and Marketing battalion. Generate more sales Close more Deals Faster. Technology makes sales and marketing result more predictable than ever before.


An inclusive Sales and Marketing result Driven platform

We are millions of riders and drivers who share Community Guidelines and depend on one another to do the right thing.


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Get 24/7 support in the app for any questions or sales and marketing results concerns you might have.